andrew hoffman llc

Does your business have one or more of the following needs?

  1. Design (or review existing designs) for a web application where security is crucial
  2. Develop a web app using security best practices (other services included)
  3. Pen test an existing (pre or post-production) web application or web3 technology
  4. Threat model a complex application, find vulnerabilities and implement mitigations
  5. Train employees on security best practices, or deliver a security-related talk

If so, I can help your business deliver those needs rapidly with excellent quality results.

I have years of experience as a security architect designing some of the world’s most groundbreaking security initiatives and technologies:

I offer competitive rates, large-project / recurring customer discounts and free project scoping / follow-ups.

If you are interested in hiring me as a consultant please fill out my client intake form and ask for a free phone consultation.