Anim8 has Shut Down

Anim8 was a video hosting and discovery site for animators and animation fans.

Anim8 operated from 2016 until 2021 and served over 3 million users.

Although Anim8 was popular and had a large, friendly community - it lost money every year and was funded largely from staff donations.

In order to operate for another year, Anim8 would have had to find thousands of dollars to keep the website running. As a result, the staff decided that perhaps it was time to move onto other projects rather than dip into staff savings again.

Keep in Touch with the Staff

Andrew (lead developer / architect) is rebooting his security/coding YouTube channel.
Andrew also writes a monthly no-spam newsletter which covers software security, software engineering and other interesting topics.

Eric (animator / product design) runs a popular animation channel on YouTube.