About Me

Personal Details

I am a senior security engineer working and residing inside of Bellevue, WA. Right now I am happily employed at Salesforce (CRM) where I am the security lead for 15 teams in Lightning Platform - a department specializing in JavaScript / DOM / NodeJS development.

Prior to working at Salesforce I worked at a number of startups as a software engineer, both as a FTE and contractor.

Although I was originally born and raised in Bozeman, MT - I always had a strong aptitude for technology which drove me to migrate west in search of new and exciting opportunities.

Skills & Technologies

I am a big advocate of full-stack JavaScript as developing applications in a single language dramatically reduces context switching penalties and with smart architecture can reduce dependency management difficulty as well.

At serveral points in my career I have worked with TC39 - the technical architecture committee under ECMA International (creators and maintainers of JavaScript). Most of my efforts with this have been towards architecting next gen JavaScript security features like Realms.

I also wrote a security book that outlines the latest archetypes of vulnerabilities found in JavaScript-based web applications. You can find my book Web Application Security: Exploitation and Countermeasures here.

I’ve read the entire TC39 ECMA-262 standard, including contributing some undocumented features around language intrinsics.

Beyond JavaScript, I have worked in both C# and Java at professionally.

My favorite language outside of JavaScript however is C, as I prefer using either high or low level languages and find the inbetween languages a bit frustrating.

I have hobby experience with AI including building a neural network to predict League of Legends game outcomes. This AI was featured by several sites in 2018 and had over 1,000,000 visitors as it more accurately predicted the outcome of the 2018 LCS tournament than many pro game casters.


I enjoy reading, writing, meditation, kayaking, hiking, gardening and other peaceful activities that help me relax. I find that I obsess over work at times and need to cool down and recharge. Re-connecting with nature through gardening and outdoor activies has been really helpful in that regard.

I used to run one of the most popular coding channels on YouTube.


The best way to get in contact with me is to message me directly on LinkedIn.